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What Can You Do About It All

Posted by on Mar 6, 2016 in Insurance, Pets

Ranging from the nipping of a small puppy in the teething stage to the mauling attack by a strange dog, there are so many reasons why dog bites can happen. There are certain precautionary steps to take when dealing generally with dog bites. However, these all depend on the situation at hand and the severity of the injury sustained. Here is a helpful guide on what should be done in most dog biting situations.

What to do if beaten by someone else’s dog

Share names and contact numbers with the dog owner (if present) so that proof of rabies vaccination can be obtained from them. After treating the wound, ensure that the rabies vaccine is up to date by checking with the dog’s veterinarian.

Notify Animal control and the police so that proper measures can be forestalled by the owner of the dog to prevent it from biting anyone in the future.

What to do if beaten by a puppy

Puppies do bite when they get to a certain age. This is a common habit during their teething stage. It is important to note that even if the puppy breaks the skin when biting, it is just a stage of their growth and not an act of hatred.

Calmness is needed to deal with a situation of this kind, the puppy’s nip may hurt, but the puppy will attach little importance to it as long as there is no harsh reaction and when next she tries to nip, ensure to reprove her with a quick pinch on the scruff of the neck.

Superficial wounds

The wound should be cleaned with running water if it is a superficial gash or scrape. After which, isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide should be applied, before covering with a bandage, apply a topical antibiotic.

Puncture wounds

First of all, there is no need to fret over a bleeding wound. In fact, allow the wound to bleed as it will help to cleanse it. However, there are some exceptional cases. Immediate medical attention is required if the wound is located in the head or neck, lot of blood have been lost or the blood is forcefully gushing out from the wound. In such a case, call 911 for immediate attention.

In some cases, wait for 5 minutes and see if the bleeding can be stopped through direct pressure. If it stops the bleeding, use a running water to rinse the wound with the application of mild soap for about five minutes. Avoid using mercurochrome, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or iodine for puncture wounds because they can slow their healing process.

Nevertheless, ensure to properly clean the wound before application, and that’s if need be. There is no need to worry about objects in the wound as dog bites do not usually leave debris that may need to be removed.

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